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‘Beautifully Flawed’ Album Release

Detroit, MI - Recording artist, well known emerging hip hop lyricist, Pariis Noel, is all geared up, and set to debut his first studio album, Beautifully Flawed, on May 21st, 2019. After a strenuous 12 months of being groomed to take over the landscape of urban music by Roc Nation’s Rel Carter, Pariis Noel is ready to debut this 1st Bosco Lounge in Ferndale,MI on Sunday May 19th, 2019 at 8pm. Prior to this debut album, in 2018 he had the opportunity to showcase his wordplay abilities and talents, as he toured the country with the Rel Carter Culture Tour, in which he was accompanied with many other skillful, hungry artists creating a fan base and reaching new heights of music artistry, under the light of Roc Nation.


In addition to the tour, Pariis was a featured artist on Rel Carter’s A&R compilation album titled, No Handouts, earlier this year, in which selected artists were presented the platform to give it all they’ve got, proving that there were “no handouts”.The next star to emerge from Detroit and it’s entertainment renaissance is Pariis Noel, and he wants to thank his hometown fans and local media by providing this intimate listening experience. Please come out to support, and say our long overdue congrats to Pariis Noel, as he kept his steady momentum throughout all the years.  


For more information about Pariis Noel, contact management, Alicia Aloisi at (734) 756-9867. To set up an interview, and for event press, contact Krissy at