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4 Ways To Speed Up Your Wi-Fi Connection

4 Ways To Speed Up Your Wi-Fi Connection

Most of us face this problem at least once a month. Our Wi-Fi connection turns pretty slow. The problem is that with so many devices connected simultaneously; even a slight decrease in speed would limit the connectivity on multiple devices and choke the bandwidth. Owing to this very reason, none of the devices operate properly. However, instead of just waiting it out there are a few steps which you can follow in order to speed up your Wi-Fi connection once again.

1. Updating the router software:

The router software is updated by most of the companies from time to time. Owing to this very reason, instead of using the older version of the software, you have to update the router software from time to time. This would make it much easier for you to gain it back to the maximum speed which ISP is offering.

2. Check the number of devices connected:

These days, not just the smartphones or tablet laptops can be connected to the Wi-Fi network but also the other gadgets be easily connected to the Wi-Fi network as well. You can even connect baby monitors as well as cordless phones to the Wi-Fi network. That is why, whenever the Wi-Fi speed is slowing down, you have to look into the number of devices which are connected to the Wi-Fi network. Thereafter, you have to remove the devices which are not essential.

3. Changing the Wi-Fi network for kids:

One of the best ways to speed up the Wi-Fi networks again is to provide the kids with a separate Wi-Fi network on which you would be able to put added filters in order to keep the kids safe as well. Generally, kids take up a lot of bandwidth by surfing online websites. That is why it is better to provide a separate network to the kids. In these networks, you would be able to set more stringent filters as well. This would not only help your kids but would also ensure that Wi-Fi network is running smoothly.

4. Digital repeaters:

If you are having a large home, a single Wi-Fi router would not be enough in order to spread the network all throughout your home. Owing to this very reason, the speed which you would be getting in certain parts of your home would be on the lower side. In order to solve this problem, it is a better idea to use a couple of Digital repeaters which would ensure that the signal strength throughout your home is perfect. This would automatically increase the speed of your Wi-Fi connection to the maximum speed which is provided by your ISP.

So, the next time you’re facing a Wi-Fi slow down, instead of thinking that it would get better on its own, you have to follow the above few steps which would help you in increasing the speed of the Wi-Fi and get it back to normal.