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What Are we Doing?

No matter what path you choose to take in life there will always be obstacles. One of those obstacles are people. As sad as it is to say, its true.

Some people will support you, some will pretend and others just flat out won't. That's absolutely ok. Really, it is.

No matter what road you take, if you're good at it, you will all get the same questions. How did you..? Can I...?

Of course, if you're naturally a good person, you will want to help everyone that crosses your path with a few questions.

Honestly, after the 10th person asks for help and doesn't take your advice, its downright exhausting.

So we've figured out a way to weed out the doers from the nosey people who only want to ride the bandwagon.

Of course, charging them for your advice, knowledge or resources is definetly a way to find out those that have goals and those that want you to GIVE them goals.

I've found if you ask yourself this simple question, you can pick through a lot faster.

Is what they are bringing to you beneficial to your life and theirs, or is it simply bull?

Not only can you apply this question to the revolving door of people that you are sure to cross paths with, you can actually apply this to different aspects of your life.

I challenge you to ask yourself this for the next 30 days on any big decisions you may encounter. I guarentee that it will change your perspective on a lot of things..

Peace. Love. And Happiness... Minus the Bullshit...