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Made with The Medium; Chatting with Aries Eye about Medium life and her upcoming

Growing up as a Pastors Kid, or PK, as we are so donned, there are certain things that you don’t fully understand until you get older. There are often taboo topics or things that are left out altogether when growing up in a religious based home.

Mediums, Astrology and Psychics fall into the taboo topic. In my house, I was told it was evil, dangerous and made to believe it wasn’t real, that they were people telling you what you wanted to hear in order to make money.

As any PK will tell you, there is at least one topic that was deemed inappropriate and that was kept from us, that we all decided to explore once we became older. For some it’s sex, others it’s another religion and for a lot of people, it’s a LITTLE combination of a LOT of things.

I have always been curious about what was kept from me or deemed as inappropriate. Not always to indulge, but curious as to WHAT it is or why it was being kept from me. I took a liking to horoscopes, just falling into the category of my specific sign. I never really understood what that meant for others, but it was always a small enjoyment for me.

I also kept it private. Sometimes communities can be so judgmental but honeyyyyy, that’s a story for another day! So, fast forward to 2019. I’m a 30-year-old woman living my best life, or at least I think I am. Then BOOM..

In the last 5 months I have been approached by more mediums, prophetess and psychics that I have ever encountered in my life. I’m not sure what took place that attracted them, however they all have relayed the same message to me. Again, another story for another day!

So, naturally, when I was approached with the opportunity to share my platform with celebrity medium Aries Eyes, I jumped at the chance. Now before all my Bible thumpers come knocking down my door, please understand that these are merely conversations and confirmations based on interest and confirmations.

Take a moment to hop in and check out my chat with celebrity medium Aries Eyes, you may gain a new opinion, or keep your old one. That’s not for me to decide, I can say that I thoroughly enjoyed chatting with her and gained a new respect for the craft!


Bunnie – Hello! First let me start by saying thank you for hopping into The Bunnie Hole! I really appreciate you taking out the time to chat with me! For my followers that may not be familiar with you, please take a moment to introduce yourself and explain your craft.

Aries eye – Hello! Thank you so much for having me on! For those of you who are unfamiliar with me, my name is Aries Eyes. I am a celebrity medium that provides closure for those who have suffered the loss of a loved one.

Bunnie – Wow! So, just being transparent here, being raised in a Christian household, I was always told that readings and mediums where bad and that they were the work of a negative force. Has religion played a part in your becoming a medium?

Aries Eye– Absolutely! Not only in others opinion of me but in my own personal journey. I don’t work with evil or negative spirits. I simply provide closure. A lot of religious figures come to me for closure. It’s not about religion, it’s about connecting and using your gift to help others. For years I denied the presence of my gift and by not allowing it to manifest in my life, it came out in so many different forms. I ultimately allowed it to take place in anger and that lead me down a road that involved the military and even jail. When I accepted my gift, my life changed drastically. Not just subtle changes, I went from homeless to touching 6 figures and on The Breakfast Club solely based off my gift, in a year.


Bunnie- What an amazing testimony! I can’t even begin to imagine what that transformation was like! Aside from the Religious sector, did you receive and backlash from coming out and walking in your truth?

Aries Eye- Yes! I lost family members and friends throughout this journey. However, I reached a point that I could no longer deny who I am in order to make everyone else happy. I know that my gift is about more than just me, it’s helping people heal and being obedient to my calling. Being obedient in any aspects of your life will cause people to show their true feelings about you. Despite everything, I’ve made my money legitimately and if that doesn’t make them happy and proud, it’s above me now!

Bunnie- I get that! I definitely understand and can relate to losing people when you start walking in your purpose! Being obedient as well! That’s actually something that is preached quite often, so to hear you say that in your profession is very refreshing!

Aries Eye– Exactly! I don’t down religions or professions, I really stay in my lane and focus on my calling.

Bunnie – So does everyone have a calling?

Aries Eye – I wouldn’t say a calling. I am a believer that everyone has a purpose and a gift. How you choose to manifest that is up to you. Certain gifts do fall in different categories, such as medium, psychic, healer and etc. Some people accept that, while others allow it to take form in a career purpose. For example, a healer will take a position in society such as a doctor or a nurse. Something that allows them to use their gift in a way that to them, is safe a relatable. Some people adjust and handle it well, while others, like myself, are placed in a position to not ignore my calling.

Bunnie – Have you always been a Medium? Like was this a gift you were born with or is it something that developed over time?

Aries Eye – Actually, I come from a long line of seers. My grandmother was and I am just the next in my family to acknowledge and work with my gift. I first realized it after my grandmother passed. She came to me and I saw her clearly, as if she were right there. The older I grew, it continued to happen. I suppressed it and it came out in the form of anger and unhappiness. I did everything I could to deny it but after everything I went through, it was still here. I finally accepted it and I have been happy and obedient ever since. As a result, my ancestors reward me financially and mentally. I am in an amazing space and I am living and enjoying every opportunity that comes my way.

Bunnie – WOW! That is amazing! Well, I could sit here and chat with you all day! However, I will just wait and schedule my 1 on 1 with you! *shameless plug* For myself and my followers, please tell us what you have coming up and where we can find you!

Aries Eye- It was my absolute pleasure! Sure, you can find me on every social platform under Aries Eyes! I am also about to start “Snacking for Success” Tour where we have a 4 hour workshop where I will teach you how to break bad money habits and how to enchant your money to receive it in abundance!

Bunnie – Oooo I wish there was enough time to dig into that! Ok, I am definitely going to make sure I hop into one of your Snacking for Success! Thank you again for hopping into The Bunnie Hole! You will most definitely be hearing from me again!

Aries Eye– The pleasure is all mine! I would love to see you out and thank you so much for having me!


You can hop in and check out Aries Eyes on the following spots! Make sure you grab tickets to her upcoming tour! Who knows? You may even spot a Bunnie!