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Sometimes we forget about ourselves. So here are tips to treat yourself!

Treat Yo Self

Am I the only person who gets that itching feeling to getaway? To pack what you have and just walk out? Sometimes I just feel like disappearing. Traveling to a new city and just live in the moment. But I think my mom would be mad at me if I did it.

We all know with life there are ups and downs. We get caught up with our everyday lives and forget to live. Here’s how it goes:

Wake up

Get ready

Eat (if you remember)

Work (gotta pay them bills)

Eat (desperately)

Binge Netflix (waiting for season 3 of Stranger Things)


Eat (aka leftover take out) 

Sleep hopefully (who knows my mind is a death trap that won’t let me sleep sometimes)

It’s the same boring cycle over and over again. It’s because of this never ending loop that this anxiety to escape springs forth. I also notice when my life has become predictable I start to get lazy. I'll feel like a slug trudging through the day.

How do I break out of this cycle? I choose a weekend or a day and do something I don’t typically do with friends. I like weekends because I tend to have more free time and weekend vibes, you feel?

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Sometimes I’ll plan a rock climbing day or mini golf. Maybe even laser tag. The best way to get out of the funk is to do something that you don’t normally do. Get out of your comfort zone. And I always recommend doing it with some fun friends. Makes living just a tad easier.

But if maybe that is out of your price range there’s always starting a hobby, joining a club, or even discovering a new book. It’s good to put yourself out their into the world. Uncover who you really are.  Sometimes it's as simple as waking up a bit early and giving time for your mind and body to relax.

My favorite thing to do? Have a me day. A day all about me. I'll get my nails done, do extra steps in my skincare routine including a mask, and have a nice hot bubble bath. Order a box of pizza with some wine and binge my favorite movies. Sometimes you just a need a day all about you.

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And that’s how to escape the epic boredom of life’s cycle. Surprise yourself with something new, indulge yourself. You gotta live a little. Spice it up. Listen to Spice Girls!

Hakuna Matata.