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Native Michiganders Create the World’s Most Unique Tequila

 Teeq Tequila is a premium tequila company created by husband and wife duo Don and Nayana Ferguson and their business partner Michael Rowoldt. While Nayana and Michael currently maintain successful careers in finance, Don left his lucrative career as a Divisional Vice President of Operations with Quicken Loans to pursue a lifelong dream. All owners have put on their spirits industry hats and are aggressively pursuing their passion to advance the agave movement. Co-Founder Don says, “Our enthusiasm for this decadent agave spirit is unparalleled and our hope is to dispel the misconceptions surrounding tequila.” We wanted to create a platform to educate people on how tequila is made, how it should be enjoyed, the traditions surrounding this wonderful spirit and the history of the brand in the industry.

Teeq Tequila is available exclusively in the Michigan marketplace and offers the World’s only Coconut Lime Blanco Tequila which is made from the finest, natural ingredient, the Blue Weber Agave plant. With an initial subtle hint of lime, this 100% Blue Weber agave spirit is then followed by a cool refreshing hint of coconut. The Teeq Coconut Lime Blanco tequila is a great sipping tequila on ice or blends exceptionally well in many cocktails including, but not limited to, the most popular cocktail in America, the margarita. Teeq’s second expression of tequila in their portfolio, and just as popular, is their Reposado. Teeq Reposado is also unique and unlike any in the existing tequila sector. Teeq Reposado Tequila is rested 8 months in whiskey barrels that were once used by Jack Daniels.


Typically, tequila is rested in white American Oak barrels, therefore, the use of these famous whiskey barrels provides a complexity that takes on tones of a whiskey, while staying true to the tequila’s roots. With hints of caramel and vanilla, Teeq Reposado also absorbs some charring flavor tones from the whiskey barrels making this an ultra-premium drinking experience. Teeq Reposado tequila is great served neat but is an incredible base for any craft or signature cocktail. Released on August 27th, 2018, Teeq Tequila has received a significant response in the Michigan market and is currently available in over 150 locations (stores, restaurants and bars)