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Bringing Hof to New Orleans

Music, Fun and Food are all words that come to mind when you hear New Orleans. At least it does to mine. Well, how about the term, Fashion? Hop in as we follow the journey of designer Brynisha Faust as she travels to New Orleans bringing B. Faust designs and flair to New Orleans. I didn’t think it could get any spicier down in the home of jambalaya and gumbo, but somehow, I’m sure these fashions will turn it up a notch!

Coming with a flair and a twist, B. Hof Designs will be gracing the Bayou Classics! One of the most anticipated college classics, The Bayou Classics is the annual college football game between Grambling State University Tigers and the Southern University Jaguars.

The only way to respectfully pay tribute and support is to rock a one-of-a-kind B. Hof Jersey, of course!

Covered in rhinestones and representing some of the finest, B. Fausts’ jerseys have been described as “unique, funky and classic” and adequately named Hof 6.5.  Take a peek at the Hof 6.5 and you’ll notice the feminine cut,crushed rocks and bunched sleeves making them easy to spot in a crowd!

 Finding a way to turn a rock into a diamond, B. Faust states “People associate glitter with cheap, anybody can use glitter. I wanted to change people’s perspective and exceed their expectations. Crushed Rocks, to me, are crystals and diamonds that underwent a grinding process. I utilize precious materials and jewels to name things. For example, the metallics at HOF are referred to as Bullion. I wanted to put value to people’s visions and turn ordinary into extraordinary. - B. Faust"

Want one? Make sure you click the link below and grab your unique top from Hof 6.5 “Oh We Talking Teams?” I can’t wait to grab a Lions or a Red Wings Jersey! It never hurts to support!

Make sure you hop in and grab yours today!