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Fall into these Korean trends and be inspired!

Korean Fashion Trends

South Korea has taken the world by storm. K-pop. Do you know what k-pop means? K-pop stands for Korean Pop music. Lately it has been taking the world by storm. After BTS winning the Social Artist Billboard award people have been hopping on the k-pop train. Not only is k-pop filled with great music, music videos, and aesthetic…but it’s also filled with incredible fashion. I’m going to split this into three sections. Fashion, makeup, and hair. One of the great things I love about k-pop besides the music is how expressive they are with their look.

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Let’s begin with fashion. Now what makes South Korea one of the best fashion capitals in the world is the barrier between genders… if there even is one. Men aren’t afraid to experiment with their looks. They’re not afraid to wear blouses or clothes that may seem a bit on the girly side. Women are able to express who they are with different patterns, materials, and colors. I’v noticed lately there has been a big boom with bell sleeved blouses (for men and women), chokers, ripped jeans, and high-waist bottoms. A lot of idols tend to switch their looks from sophisticated to grunge to school kid uniform.

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Another great thing is makeup. Even men wear makeup — from BB cream to eyeliner and brows.  My fav although it isn't a korean brand is the Its Cosmetic CC Cream. Great coverage and a little goes a long way! A main thing I’ve noticed is straight eyebrows and placing bright glittery eye shadow right under your waterline. They do this to make their eyes appear bigger and more open. A lot of male idols tend to go for a smoky eye look that makes people turn heads. Also for females gradient lips are a big thing. Placing a dark or bright color near the inner part of lips and  blending it out. Another makeup trend is placing blush right on the cheekbone closer to the nose. It gives a flush youthful look. 

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Lastly and my most favorite, hair! When it comes to k-pop whenever new music gets released idols change up their concept. Most of them dye their hair a funky color or cut it a new length. From brown to blonde to colors like magenta and lime green. It’s always something new and refreshing.


K-Pop has been taking over the world. People are getting inspired by the music, fashion, and beauty. Open your horizon and be inspired!