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Fashion Designer of Urban Luxe

The Evolution Fashion Experience, with Fashion Designer Kenyetta Caldwell of Creo by Keca and Urban Luxe


Kenyetta Caldwell is the CEO and designer behind Creo by Keca, Urban Luxe. Kenyetta has over 25 years of experience in the garment industry ranging from making to production and everything in between. She has had her hands in fields of soft trim, prototyping, apparel design and manufacturing as well as dress making, instruction/training and management. Ms. Caldwell has been a change agent in companies such as Detroit Denim, Pingree Detroit, Shinola, Magna Seating, Roush, DeLarcy Dixon, Fiber Trim, President Tuxedo, Cintas and The Empowerment Plan.  

Fashion Designer Kenyetta Caldwell of Creo by Keca and Urban Luxe (photo)

She took her experience, faith and passion and ventured into business ownership; on January 31, 2013, Creo by Keca was established. Creo By Keca is a brand that creates exclusive designer apparel, accessories and hand bags which are birthed though the vision of Kenyetta by adding her own Urban Luxe feel transforming street wear into high fashion. Five years later, Creo by Keca has expanded its services to the styling arena with a special focus on entertainers, artist and public figures. Ms. Caldwell states, “this is a ministry” when it comes to styling individuals. She explains that what one puts on has a lot to do with how you are perceived by the public and even more so with her specific clientele; image is everything.

Over the last 2 years Creo By Keca has been making great strides to establish itself as a brand name in the local and national markets and has been featured in various fashion shows such as; 

*Raw Detroit   *Raw LA   *Kiss My Curves *The Vine Expo  *International Fuller Women Conference *World African Expo


As Creo by Keca continues to grow and build, our next initiative is The Evolution Fashion Experience will take place on March 25, 2018 form 6:00-8:00pm with VIP hour beginning at 5:00pm. The Evolution will showcase through design and concept the process of adapting to conditions, circumstances or the atmosphere around you to survive. Without this adaptation, the fate of any living organism is imminent. Kenyetta has chosen to evolve at each level that she reaches for or attains. She states, “I will never stop evolving until I reach my ultimate majestic self”.

This fashion experience will present exclusive pieces from Creo by Keca, Urban Luxe line, and special viewing of “Off the Cuff” clothing line inspired by and in collaboration with Comedian and Radio personality, The LaffTherapist herself, CoCo of the Kiss FM; 105.9 family!