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Fall Fashion 2017: Do's and Don'ts of 2017

It is about that time again to put away your swimsuits and mini skirts, and pull out the winter boots and cosby sweaters. Yes, it is now fall, but if you live it the mitten state, it looks like we might skip fall and got right into winter. Whether you live here, or live there, I am here to tell you some of the fashion do’s and don’ts for the fall of 2017.


For my ladies with natural hair, with the weather getting colder, the cold air can be very damaging to your hair. It can cause split ends and cause breakage. This is the time to find some good protective hair styles. One of my favorite hairstyles are box braids. They last for at least 8-10 weeks which means you have more time to stay warm under the covers and you are protecting your hair. If you do not like the box braids, another way to keep your hair protected is if you wear wigs. Now I know that this can sometimes be seen as “embarrassing” especially if it just so happens to fall off for whatever reason. For me, whether it falls off or not, wigs are fun. They are a great way to test out different hairstyles without actually doing anything to your hair, and they keep people interested in which “hairstyle” is next.



This is also the time to bring out the “fall colors.” Put away the pastels and bring out the more neutral colors. However, be bold with it. This fall season, make sure to pick up some neutral plaid tops and bottoms. Have fun by bringing out the fringes, floral prints, and even distressed jeans or sweaters. Make sure to mix and match patterns. This does not mean just throw on anything and leave the house, but explore the world of combining two unlikely things to make a masterpiece. Have a point to make? Wear it on a t-shirt and state your opinion to the world. Not only does this style make you knowledgeable about what’s going on, but it’s also a great way to express yourself in a creative, stylish, way; being smart is always in season.

Although there is a lot of fashion trends that you should follow this year, we do a have a few that you should stay away from.  Although my love for cosby sweaters is uncanning, this should not be the only thing that you wear this fall season. Please make sure that you explore other options than an oversized sweater/crewneck and legging with Ugg boots. It is time to experiment.

For my fellas reading this article, make sure that you buy some quilted jackets, graphic sweaters as well as graphic crewnecks if you are going to be following this season's fashion trends. Just like for my ladies, if you have an opinion on something, express that on a tshirt with a witty slogan.