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Tone Love - The Tech Savvy Actor; More Than Meets The Eye

As an actor and web developer, Tone Williams has beaten the odds.

Born to Howard Love and Francine Williams in Rochester NY, Williams has taken on more than the average.

After relinquishing their parental rights, Williams was sent to stay in foster homes. Often moving from one family to the next, Williams was deemed a ward of the state.

When most people at this point would tilt their head and saw, “Aww”, Williams saw this as an opportunity. Taking advantage of his environment, Williams began acquiring skills that often take years to master.

Showing interest in computers as early as nine years old, Williams realized he had found his footing.

Through keen business strategy and aggressive business tactics, he built a successful internet service provider, Toneee, a forward-thinking digital agency. Williams had found solace as an entrepreneur. Ahead of the curve, Toneee is offering world-class web hosting, online merchant services, web and graphic design, domain registration and more.

 “Setting The Tone” became a highly sought-after podcast, garnering over 30,000 downloads in the US and international. Capturing the hearts of every person he meets; Williams understands that his purpose is bigger than what you see.

Throughout 18 years of success, Williams has always remained true to his brand and his community. Allowing others to showcase on his platform and always lending a helping hand, Love often thrives in challenges and helping others.

Since 2011, and “Setting the Tone” has sponsored ROC The Peace / Rise Up Rochester (,,  a grassroots movement created to impede violence of all kinds in the city of Rochester, New York. Tone has personally donated thousands of volunteer hours and has used resources to help the organization conduct business.

Williams relocated to Atlanta, Georgia over a decade ago, but he is no stranger to his hometown.  He has donated time and money to nonprofit organizations focused on child abuse and domestic violence as well as other humanitarian efforts such as human trafficking and cancer prevention

His positive and charismatic personality opened doors to the film industry, as many of his clients were industry professionals including actors and writers.

Being credited as the source of inspiration for “Brakedown”, a short film directed by actor and director ted Morris Chestnut, Williams didn’t stop there.

Proving that you really can do the things that you set out to do, Williams has made appearances in shows such as P-Valley, Magick Boyfriends and more!

The story of his upbringing to an amazing new beginning is touching and inspirational and we are so excited to be able to support him on his journey.


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