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Learn the In's and Outs of Entrepreneurship with Katrina Turnbow and special guest Angela Yee!

The Politics of Entrepreneurship

  • Hosted by Katrina Turnbow with special guest Angela Yee


As you all know I stannn for black women in a position of power! Imagine my excitement when I learned of Katrina Turnbow AND Angela Yee presenting “The Politics of Entrepreneurship”

Two women speaking on a topic that I am passionate about? I could NOT pass that up!

Taking place at the Google Headquarters in downtown Detroit, I couldn’t think of a better and more intimate setting. Immediately greeted at the door, I was given a name tag. If you know me, this is a big deal! I am a FIRM believer in working hard until you no longer have to introduce yourself! Work that name tag until your name is on the door!

Graced with the chance to hear the details on the business ventures of Angela Yee, one thing she said really stood out to me. After mentioning that she had been approached my several friends with business ideas, she also stated that they never completed with follow through. No business plans, no marketing ideas. Really just approaching with ideas.

Realizing that she never really said no, or she wasn’t interested, she just wanted to see the business plan behind a potential investment. Had they been properly prepared, they had a possible investor on their hands.

Not only did I walk away with some amazing inspiration and knowledge on investing and living your life in the limelight, but my biggest takeaway was to always be prepared! She could not stress enough how important it was that you do your research and that you are prepared.

We know that minorities often get the bottom of the barrel when it comes to giving and receiving resources. Especially those with a concentration in small business. Although the awareness has grown tremendously in the past few years, we still have a lot of ground together.


Katrina Turnbow, a Google Digital Coach and powerhouse in the city of Detroit, stressed the importance of working together for everyone to achieve the same goals. Also offering her personal coaching services as well as Google’s, Katrina showcased several small businesses in the local areas that we can utilize as potential resources and insights.

As we are so fond of saying “Stay ready so that you will never have to get ready” I realized this doesn’t just apply to making sure my wig is secured when leaving the house. Although we do want to know that sis isn’t going to fly off when I make a hard left,  I also want to make sure that no matter what, you and your business are properly prepared.

Make sure you hop in and check out Angela Yee on The Breakfast Club and Lip Service as well as Katrina Turbow on IG! They are always dropping jewels and gems and popping up all over! Who knows? You may even spot a Bunnie at the next one!