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2nd Annual Millionairess Conference ; Building Wealth Through Innovation with Jewel Tankard​

Millionaires Conference


Birds of a feather flock together. If you are surrounded by 9 broke individuals, then you are bound to be the tenth one.  I think you see where I am going with this! I am a firm believe that you manifest what you bring into your life! I want to manifest a successful and financially comfortable lifestyle. So, what did I do? I surrounded myself with millionaires.

The 2019 Millionaires Conference that took place at the Shriners in Southfield MI was not only an amazing networking event, it was an opportunity to change my entire mindset! To be honest, I have left from conferences empty handed and even more discouraged than when I walked in. I don’t need to sit and watch you on a stage telling me how you became successful and watching you flaunt your materialistic riches.

I need plans, directions, resources. I need to know how my faith plays into my riches, teach me something that I can go home and apply to my every day life, not just use when I am in your conference room. I am aware that I don’t speak for everyone, but I also know that I am not alone.

I laughed, danced and rocked with the best of the best at the Millionaires Conference! I had the opportunity to speak with several of the speakers because they didn’t hop on a jet as soon as they got done. They took time to listen, respond and advise to not only my questions, but several others!

Who would have know that you could have so much in common with Millionaires? I think my favorite part of the Conference was the “From Welfare to Wealth” with George and Junetta Burnes. My mind took me to a time sitting in the welfare office with my daughter while the “guy” I was with was performing at nightclubs all over the city. I remember how low I felt, how discouraged and degraded.

To see someone come from a similar background and not only change that lifestyle around but to create a better lifestyle not only for herself but for her family is truly inspiring, and that’s really all that I ever wanted.

As if THIS wasn’t enough, I had the opportunity to watch The Styling Closet Fashion Segment! Not only did I get to see some day to night styles, I saw business professional and just all out GLAM! They snatched ALLA of my edges you hear me?

At the end of the conference, I left feeling refreshed, nurtured and ready to take my place on the stage of first generation Millionaires. Hop in and check my recap as well as view some amazing shots!