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Chatting with Charron


Mother, Author and CEO. Charron Monaye holds many titles. After the opportunity to speak with her, I’d like to personally add the title of a Hero. You know that saying going around that “Not all Heros wear Capes”? Well, this one does.

Able to pull herself up by her bootstraps and push through, Charron is the example of never giving up when your back is against the wall. Following a passion for writing and sometimes gentle reminders from loved ones, Charron turned her life around with a pen. Pen Legacy LLC to be exact. 

Hop in as we chat with the “Get Out Of Your Own Way” writer and learn the highs and lows that make every page worthwhile.



Bunnie – Thank you so much for Hopping into The Bunnie Hole! For my flowers who may not be familiar with you, please tell us more about you!

Charron – Hello everyone! My name is Charron Monaye, I am an author, stage play writer and my favorite title, mother.

Bunnie – That is so awesome! I have stumbled into the world of “Mother-Neruship” as well!

Charron – Yes! My children are literally who saved me. I can’t begin to explain it. I was literally down and out with nothing. One day I was crying, and my kid came up to me and said, “Write it down Mommy” Who knew that very moment would birth Pen Legacy and lead us to where we are now. It truly has been an amazing journey.

Bunnie – That’s so awesome! So tell me, what is Pen Legacy LLC?

Charron – Pen Legacy is my baby! Well, one of them. Pen Legacy is a literacy company. It has grown into more of a movement! One that promotes creativity, writing and authorship. It was birthed from my lowest point. I was divorced, facing eviction and still had a family to provide for. I will always hold Pen Legacy near, it literally saved me.


Bunnie – That is so amazing! I have seen and heard people coming from all different backgrounds. Some people aren’t always so lucky and able to bounce out of certain situations.

Charron – It wasn’t easy! There were a lot of late nights and early morning but through everything, I never gave up. I know that a lot of success and growth came from my mental strength of never giving up and the determination to provide better for myself and my family.


Bunnie – So, it’s not really a cliché when people say that your mental focus can really change the outcome on your life?

Charron – Well, as cliché as it may be, it still holds truth. I love being able to share my story with the hopes that I may encourage someone to not quit. To never give up!

Bunnie – Tell me about your first book, “ Get Out Of Your Own Way” and how that become a stage play! (Congratulations by the way!)

Charron – Thank you so much! Well, “Get Out Of Your Own Way” Is literally a self-titled book. When you remember that you live for and serve a purpose bigger than you, you take a different perspective on live. You remember your legacy, your goals. Everything becomes clearer when you move out of your own way and walk in your purpose! I could literally preach an entire sermon about it, but I want everyone to go out and grab my book! I really break everything down so that you feel that spark again, your passion again.

Bunnie – What about it becoming a stage play?

Charron – God is so good! I can’t even begin to explain it! Once I began to move differently, things for “Get Out Of Your Own Way’ Just began to fall into place. The stage play happened and I couldn’t be any happier! It’s always one thing to read something and picture it in your head, it’s another to see it on stage. Yet and still, it’s an entirely new experience being able to see your OWN words on stage!

Bunnie – I am so excited to grab my copy of “ Get Out Of Your Own Way” and hopefully I get the opportunity to see your stage play!

Charron – Yes, I hope so! I am hoping to make a difference in peoples live, one way or another, whether it be through the book, the stage play, or Pen Legacy LLC.

Bunnie – Yes! Please tell us where we can find your book and information in regards to your play! I’m so excited for you!

Charron – Thank you so much! I appreciate you so much! Everyone can follow my FB page, Pen Legacy LLC or add me Charron Monaye. I try my best to respond and I look forward to interacting with everyone!

Bunnie – Well I would like to Thank you so much for hopping in The Bunnie Hole! I look forward to reading your bpook and hopefully catch the stage play!