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Bossed Up ; Boss Up Networking Event with celebrity guest D. Woods

    So you all know that I consider myself the networking guru right? MAN was I wrong! That self-proclaimed title has nothing on Twanita Dozier, CEO of Boss Up Magazine! On July 21st I attended one of the best networking events I have been to in a while!

From the moment you walked through the door of City Lofts in Chicago, you knew that this was the place to be. Despite the rain that the Windy City is infamous for and the fact that I am clearly still learning the driving laws of IL, nothing was able to stop the show!

The open space allowed for the vendors to set their display and adequately showcase all of their work! It was great to go to an event where you had the ability to speak with the vendors and know the story behind their brand! I tell people all the time, people support your story more than your product. It’s true!

From the soft launch of the makeup line Kolorene’ Cosmetics to the tunes from DJ Hott to the dazzling jewels of Urban Style Glam (plus many more, check below!) the vendors were ON POINT with the products and display! Thanks to our friends at Sea Vodka, our Red Carpet was a site to see! 

As I grow in business, I learn that there is Power in the Panel, (maybe I should coin that!). As the Panel discussion is becoming more and more popular, I become more and more intrigued with the members on the panel and their story. With celebrity guest D. Woods, Entrepreneurs Monique D, Cherise Nicole and Toni Neshelle, the panel was amazing!

Have you ever had one of those days where you’re just questioning a lot of things around you? Then you turn on the TV or go to church and you feel as if someone is speaking directly about your problems? That was what this panel discussion was like for me!  Sometimes, as business owners, its easy to feel like you are the only one going through something, but you aren’t! The panel discussion proved to me just that!

Asking questions from how to shake the haters from how to be unique in an oversaturated market, the panel discussion was ON point! The 1 on 1 interviews were even better with the lightening round and the questions everyone wants to know!

All in all, I would have to say that the first networking event has been extremely SUCCESSFUL, from the yummy appetizers to the informative panel down to the good ‘ole hustle. I am looking forward to so many more! Make sure you hop into The Bunnie Hole and check out the amazing recap!