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Ready Set, Are you Ready Yet?


Clad in a silk blue T Shirt Dress by Shane Justin, Kash Doll came through with a BOP! The same energy that she delivers in her music and performance is the same energy that she brought to the private viewing of her new single “Ready Set ft Big Sean”.

I was prepared for a bop! However, I don’t think anyone was prepared for the level of D Girl status that was tuned into the video. I think halfway through the 2nd bar when my left thigh started jiggling. If you know me, you know the left thigh jiggle means something serious is about to happen.

Not really though, I have about as much rhythm as a cow with headphones.

After sitting and chatting with Kash Doll about not only her vide but her personal brand, I learned something about not only her, but myself as well. Listening to Kash Doll talk about the authenticity of being a brand and one of the original D Girls, not only left me inspired, but made me have a reflection on myself.

All we ever want to do as public figures is provide you with the most authentic and professional material and personality without losing ourselves in the process. Kash Doll is the embodiment of what it means by bearing her soul and being unapologetic about it.

Unfiltered and Raw, Kash Doll brought the same energy to her video shoot for “Ready Set ft. Big Sean” This video is as unapologetic as she is.

Make sure you hop in and check out this new video! Drop your comments and tell me what you think!