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Hop in and Meet Youtuber and Influencer Ifueko Igbinovia

Ifueko Igbinovia, a New Jersey Native, with an opaque upbringing in Newark, New Jersey, is presently residing in the modish suburbia of North Brunswick, New Jersey and represents the true meaning of being a business woman.  An alumnus of the avid Kean University Ifueko has acquired a BA in Communications/Public Relations. Ifueko is a force to be reckoned with subsequent to obtaining her degree; Ifueko commenced working for Tina Davis, the former manager of R&B mogul Chris Brown. As well, Tina was the CEO of "The Tina Davis Company" managing a vast of high end clientele.

Throughout the duration of Ifuekos' career with Tina Davis, Ifueko acquired the opportunity to work with Chris Brown and an immense quantity of diverse celebrities. Ifueko elevated her PR skills throughout this era, gaining her entitlement as a "PR Guru". She became well acquainted with A-listers handling such responsibilities as tasked errands, media lists, VIP list and bookings. Ifueko concluded her voyage with "The Tina Davis Company" in July 2007.


Following Ifuekos' deviation of "The Tina Davis Company" Ifueko embarked on working for Universal Motown, Media Relations Department. Ifueko worked directly for the extraordinary Phylicia Fant & Syreta Olgesby. This is where Ifueko organized events for YRB Magazine "How You Rock it" Event, organized and worked on hip hop artist Kid Cudi Listening Session, affiliated and organized King Magazines Events, also Busta Rhymes and Swizz Beats Album releases. Ifueko has had the honor of organizing events for vast artists like Chris Brown, Mya, Swizz Beats, Ron Brows, Melanie Fiona, Dawn Richards, Kid Cudi, and JO JO, as well as to gaining insight and being affiliated with industry moguls such as P. Diddy.


Currently, Ifueko is assisting, celebrity wardrobe stylist Pilar Scratch, where she has voyaged to diverse mainstream events. Such as events for open closet magazine, Hampton daze magazine, red carpet affairs, Hennessy sponsored events, New York fashion week, and much more.

In 2013, Ifueko became a Founder and anchor for the famed radio show "Gem Bosses" on The vast of celebrities Lady Ice has interviewed range from,, Florina Kaja, X Factors Astro, X Factors Lyric145, Mindless Behavior, Vh1 Mama Jones, Celebrity Makeup artist Lyssa Honey, Celebrity shoe designer Franchesca, Hot 97 DJ G money, TLC Tashera Simmons, Tracey Dimarco, Briella Califore, Jessica Ramona, Christina Salgato & Drea Domonique of Oxygen's Bad Girls Club, Rah Digga, Eric Williams and Eric Williams JR, brother of Wendy Williams, Tommy Williams and many more.


As well she became the innovative publicist of X Factors rap group, Lyric145 , actress Frenchie Domo and a quantity of emerging artist . .


In 2018 , Ifueko materialized  with a innovatie title “Youtube Influncer “  addressed as her stage name Star power . With her vast credentials in the entertainment industry , Ifueko began highlighting the focus on her solo career . “Living In My Mind “ sub-titled judge me anyways commenced . The industry pioneer discusses the everyday ideas , platforms , social topics , and her personal experiences all while we are taking an epic voyage in her mind .

“ Living in my Mind” #JMA debuted at 5,000 international views on its social platforms; in less than a week . Ifueko also traced back to her roots and interviewed music mogul , rapper Maino and Mariah Lynn of Vh1 Love and Hip Hop New York . Devoted and enthusiastic Ifueko is dedicated to building on  her new excursion.