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Hop In and Find Your Sparkle

Morgan A. Owens

I glitter, I shine and I know how to stand out from a crowd. I never considered myself as having a Sparkle until I met Morgan Owens. As a fellow blonde, she was fearless, unapologetic and confident. It’s rare you meet those kind of people that are still smiling, but she was. I was immediately drawn to her amazing vendor table and display and couldn’t help but be encouraged by her character! I knew it was a matter of time before I had to get her to hop into The Bunnie Hole! So hop in as she sheds a little Sparkle Powder around, making a difference one conference at a time!

Bunnie : For my followers who aren’t familiar with you, please introduce yourself

Morgan : Hello! My name is Morgan! I am from Cincinnati, born and raised! My brand is Curvy Cardio and The Morgan A. Owens brand. I started Curvy Cardio as an inspiring way to stay fit and to encourage women of any and all backgrounds to get up and move! My brand began to grow as I realized there was a market for women entrepreneurs in assisting them to form their business with everything from obtaining sponsorships to building media kits and overall expansion of building their brands. I absolutely love helping women find their sparkle!

Bunnie : That’s awesome! So, it’s relatively easy to connect your two brands within each other?

Morgan : Yes! Actually, some of my Morgan Brand clients come from my Curvy Cardio! It took a little adjusting to seeing them in a different environment, but they had been with me from the beginning and had seen and respected how much my brand has grown!

Bunnie : Are there any specific challenges you face having yourself as your own personal brand?

Morgan : I wouldn’t necessarily say anything as far as a challenge, however, I do understand that with being your brand, people address you as such. So I am very selective on what I choose to represent, even down to my social media sites. I know that you NEVER know who may be watching you or your media sites.

Bunnie : I get it! I try to be as transparent as possible while making sure that my brand is properly represented at all times!

Morgan : Yes! I can not stress how important it is for you to be the person that is your brand. You ARE a walking billboard!

Bunnie : So with that being said, as far as representation, how important is it to invest in yourself and your brand!

Morgan : It is very important! There is no way around hard work. If you want to be successful you have to invest in yourself and your goals. Whether it’s investing in a workshop, a planner or a stylist, it’s key to have the knowledge and to be able to grow that knowledge.

Bunnie : What would you say to someone that is not following the “traditional role” of what they assume an entrepreneur should look/act like? I’ve been told that I should change my blonde several times, however it’s become a signature for me.

Morgan : I have blonde hair and tattoos and I have been working with both for years. I personally feel as if it coincides with “Not asking Permission to Level Up” which is one of my keys I use! I feel as long as you are presentable, knowledgeable and representing your brand, then that shouldn’t be a determining factor. If it is, then that clearly isn’t your niche market.

Bunnie : What advice would you give someone coming from the corporate world into entrepreneurship?

Morgan : I would tell them to make sure they have money saved, and it’s a substantial amount for them to have if things don’t take off immediately. I would also tell them to make sure they prepare themselves as much as possible. Studying their niche market, taking workshops, getting a mentor, those are all ways to prepare yourself. Also, treat our business as a business. If you want other people to respect your time and work ethic, then you have to respect your own time and work ethic.

Bunnie : Yes! I want to take this time to tell everyone what events you have coming up and where they can find you!

Morgan : You can find me at and! I also have Pretty Professional Conference coming up! I hope every business professional can make it out, it is definitely going to be epic!

Bunnie : Yes! I will most definitely be there! I just want to say thank you for hopping into The Bunnie Hole and appreciate having you! Make sure you all hop in and grab your copy of “Finding Your Sparkle: and grab you some Blooming gear!


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