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Sit Down With Stewe

Hop in as we chat with down with Mogul ItsMeStewe as we chat about everything from music to life and lessons from past relationships! This is one chat you do NOT want to miss!


Bunnie - Hey Stewe (pronounced Stu) Thanks for hopping into The Bunnie Hole! For my followers who may not know you, tell me about who you are!











Stewe - Hey ya'll! My name is Stewe, I am an artist, host, media creative and all around dopeness! (Ok, I added the end myself but SERIOUSLY he is so dope!)





Bunnie - So, Stewe what have you been working on? You have a lot going on! Congrats on your new EP, Love Me, Love Me Not! What inspired you to switch over into the music game?


Stewe - You know, I've always been involved in music one way or another. My mother has introduced me to music at a very early age. I play 3 different instruments and I overall love music! Even though this is my first time stepping out on my own, I've been present on the scene for a while! I enjoy everything about it!





Bunnie - That's awesome! So, i had the chance to view your video to "Last Forever" It was so dope! Everything from the setting in the woods to the story line was so different than what we are used to seeing! What was the inspiration behind that? Was it based off a previous relationship?


Stewe - No, it wasn't based off of a previous relationship of mine specifically. It's just a story that I think everyone in their life has experienced at least once. It's just a story about not really wanting to let go of a situation even though the other person has been done with the situation.


Bunnie - I love it! The creative direction is not really what we are used to seeing anymore. It actually tells a story from the beginning to the end. Should we be expecting this from all of your videos?


Stewe -Thank you! Yes! I love actually using my voice and my platform to tell a story! It's something that I'm thankful for the opportunity to do! I hope everyone appreciates the stories I tell and the music I make!


Bunnie - So what else can we expect from Stewe? Other than the project, do you have any events or anything coming up? And tell them where our followers can find you!


Stewe - You can find me on IG at ItsMeStewe and Stewe on FB. I just want everyone to stay tuned and check us out! I also host so make you keep your eyes open for any events!


Bunnie - Well thank you for hopping in The Bunnie Hole! We appreciate having you in and we look forward to listening to your EP!


If you want to learn more about Stewe and his story, make sure you hop in below and check out his bio!


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STEWE (/stooē/)

Artist, songwriter, actor, entrepreneur and host Stewe (/stooē/), has stepped into the spotlight as one of the youngest talents hailing from the Motor City. Starting out at 16, Stewe brought together a group of unique individuals from across Metro Detroit to create the ViceTeam brand. The collective has thrown and filled to capacity nearly 100 star-studded events at the hottest venues.





Gaining a massive social platform following, trendsetter Stewe began working with Control Detroit hosting interviews with celebrities such as Trey Songz, Teyana Taylor, and many more. As a live personality, he is often booked for motivational speaking, anti-violence tours, and concerts, working the likes of B.O.B. and Big Sean. While progressing his career, the charismatic host discovered his true passion for being on stage.





Stewe’s love for entertaining is organic, he has always been musically inclined and learned to play five instruments including percussion and piano, early on. His creative talents and ability to perform and write his own music which led to the release of popular single “Let’s Be Honest” ft. Icewear Vezzo which garnered spins on local and satellite radio stations.

In addition to recording original music and hosting, acting is also one of Stewe’s many hobbies, he stared in Detroit based films “Corner Store” and Mula Films’ “Buffed Up” movie.

Currently, Stewe is an active on-air personality for Radio One’s Hot 107.5, is signed to BMB Records and continues to pursue his dreams to be the new generation’s Diddy.

Earlier this year Stewe was honored with The Spirit of Detroit Award for his notable philanthropy and positive impact on the city.





He also performed on Tee Grizzley and Young Jeezy’s 30-city Cold Summer Tour. Click to check out Stewe SWAG Surfin with T Grizzley!

He just released a new EP Love Me, Love Me Not which is now available for purchase on all digital platforms. Love Me, Love Me Not is led by a power single called “Last Forever” that really taps into a possessiveness and obsession that can result in a fatal outcome. The visual for the track shot and directed by Marty Mcfly, most certainly give folks something to think about.

It’s no doubt that the future is very bright for this bold, shining star on the rise.

Get a feel for Stewe’s music on his Soundcloud and keep up with him on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube. To learn more visit




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