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Detroit Ground Breaking Film Director , Christian Davis

Detroit's Ground Breaking Film Director, Christian Davis

Let's start off by saying, there is nothing but talent in the city of Detroit! So lets stop under estimating and put our Detroit film makers back on the map!

Christian Davis! film maker, producer, director of Sweet Obession Production! born and raised in Detroit, Michigan. Raised by his grandparents who instilled in him the importance of education. And yet a product of the Detroit Public Schools system! Davis love for film making started at a young age when he stole his  grandfather’s camcorder and making movies with his action figures. All I can say is CREATIVE MINDS MAKE GREAT FILM!

Photo: Christian Davis, Film Director/Producer

He can also remember a time when his grandmother would pick him up from school on the weekend, and the two of them would rent a bunch of movies from Blockbuster, get junk food and watch movies into the peak hours of the morning. One movie that really peaked his interest in movies was “Casablanca”. He falled in love with the characters, the story structure, and ‘the “one liners”.

When Christian was still young he lost his grandmother to lung cancer, before she died he made a promise that he would go to College and make something of himself, and that is a promise he is still keeping to this day. Christian attended the Detroit School of Arts as an Actor his freshman year. Upon entering his sophomore year he was given the opportunity to attend Golightly Career and Technical Center where he took up Radio and Television and met two of his mentors. They took him under their wing and trained him and molded into a better filmmaker, better student, and better man.

Film : Infidelity , Youtube: - Film Director/Produced by Christian Davis

While attending both Golightly and Detroit School of Arts he’s had the opportunity to shoot the NAACP Fight for Freedom Fund Dinner, interview some of Hollywood’s Elite, and still maintain good grades. One day he found out about a film competition dealing with bringing awareness of the AIDS epidemic among the African American youth. He put all that his mentors had taught him to good use and made his 1st short film where he won 1st place. After winning the award it solidified that Film was his calling. He went on to win a Gold Medal for his next film he entered into the NAACP ACT-SO competition entitled “Sweet Obsession”.

Film Homiez; Film Director: Christian Davis; Youtube:

He later made that the name of his Production Company to pay homage to his grandmother which was the name of his grandparents boat. Upon graduating High School, Christian then attended Wayne State University where he majored in Film with a minor in Photography. Christian produced over 20-30 short films over the course of his years at Wayne State, while managing to stay on the Dean’s List. He Graduated with Top Honors from Wayne State with a Bachelor’s Degree.

Film: Danny (Cast: Elijah Black as 'Danny'; Production Team: Kevin Dimmer, Dtonio Joirida Cheatham and Christian Davis (Film Director/Producer) ; Youtube:

As an artist Christian wants to be known more for his work than himself as a person. Over the years he has seen himself grow as an artist, and a filmmaker. He sees the world through a different lens and though he has surpassed many people’s expectations he feels he has more to do and more to say.

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