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VINE MAg Launches Print Magazine In Midwest Region

VINE MAg launches a print magazine for Midwest Region!

VINE MAg is the pilot road for advertising your business with new and existing customers. Whether your business is small, medium or large, we have a plan for all. Our ad rates for print, online and social media marketing channels are reasonable and affordable. VINE MAg publication is a FREE publication to the consumers. A FREE publication is a guarantee that your product or service will greet the eyes of potential customers and increase your revenue.

We have over 10 Metro-Detroit locations. We planning to expand our distribution channels to Atlanta, GA, Chicago, IL, Houston, TX, Los Angeles, CA, Las Vegas, NV, Charlotte, NC, and Miami, FL. Our goal to expand distribution stands are growing quarterly.

The VINE MAg, a glossy, print monthly, and digital publication for online content, and social media channels and emails. For a greater return on investment, you can advertise in partnership community  U.S. mailing. Advertise with VINE MAg, don't miss the opportunity to sell your quality product or services to a well-informed market with immense buying power. 

Again, VINE MAg is FREE to the consumer!
We look forward to helping you expand your business!

Editor in Chief