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Let’s be honest. Melanin is magic. Like, I wish they would just create a crayon and call it Melanin because brown isn’t enough justification for me.

As a Shea Butter Baby myself, I know there are so many layers that make up being a part of the Black Girl Magic Squad. Aside from the metaphorical aspect of being black, there is also a lot of self-care, combs and glitter mishaps that make us who we are.

Starting from the age of knockers to blooming as a silver fox, being a Melanin Queen takes more work than we actually care to share with you.

As the world comes to terms with our greatest greatness, we are slowly dripping secrets out about what makes us glisten like a sunset on the ocean and why our skin stays soft as a baby’s bottom. One thing you ALWAYS remember when you encounter a Queen, is the smell.

From the scent of Shea Butter, to Pink Lotion down to Chanel No. 5 and the Vaseline on our lips, we make sure we hit all five senses, leaving you with a lasting impression that is second compared only to our intellect.

The smell of a Goddess will hit your nose before we grace you with our presence and will stay with you long after we are gone.  

Goud Melanien, a new, black owned luxury fragrance is joining the ranks as being known for leaving a tail of good vibes and better scents. A few dabs of their “Olori” and you’re guaranteed to remind you of the Goddess they are.

If you want to make sure that you’re making your ancestors proud, make sure you hop in and grab you some of Goud Melanien’s scents. She didn’t leave out any aspects, from the Shea butter to the Kings cologne, she is FOR US, BY US.