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Alexis Sourisound; Determined to Win

Alexis Sourisoud, or you may know her as @realisalexis, started her Instagram back in 2015.

With her witty charm and lit fashion sence, she quickly gained a fan base of 42k followers. Her love for sneakers and her ability to dress them up or down, helped propel her into the fashion world.  Knowing that there is success in numbers, Alexis began to use her following to tap into the world of YouTube. 

Quickly gaining thousands of fans, Alexis didn't stop there. As we all know, fashion and beauty go hand in hand, so starting a new venture was a challenge readily accepted by Alexis!

Launching her own mink lash line, Look of Lex Lashes, she used her platform to gain the attention of several socialits! Adding clothing to her site, Alexis has since clothed some of your favorites! You'll never know if you're going to spot in classic Look of Lex wear!

Leaving no stone unturned, Alexis is determined to win! When she isn't working on one of her avenues of business, she’s in the studio creating her own music. Alexis expects to do more songs in the upcoming months but for now you can listen to her song Fraud on all digital platforms.